Sustainable Practice

A sustainability report about the David Greybeard project and tour, analyses material and energy used in the making and presentation of the artwork.

Funds raised will offset the project with tree planting in Tanzania with the guidance of Dr Jane Goodall.

The sculpture of David Greybeard will eventually degrade after continued presentations, at which point the material will be donated by The Jane Goodall Institute to Design and Textiles Institutes working with sustainable design. The  materials will be refashioned into clothing and other usable items, with funds raised used to develop reforestation programs in Tanzania.

Artist Lisa Roet and energy expert Michael Anderson use Lisa Roet’s ┬átouring installation David Greybeard as a case study on how public art can be made Carbon neutral. The report will examine methodologies behind successfully calculating the carbon footprint of an art installation, the logistics behind making public art environmentally friendly, what the key problem areas are and how to counter-balance them.